Friday, 24 February 2012

Appreciate the little things

Today, instead of sharing one of my latest DIY's or crafts with you, I'd like to do another "FFFF".
And, I'm not using the "F" for what you are thinking !
Remember back in December, I did a post about called "Friday's Fab Four Favorites". Well, it's been a while, so "I'm bringing it back", as Justin Timberlake would say (except we aren't really talking about the same thing...but you get the point right?)

This time I've decided to share some of my favorite moments of this week.
I'll include some pictures to keep you reading. Or maybe that's just to keep me reading, I'm kinda like a child and need pictures to keep me interested, let's pretend that means I'm...unique, okay ?
Buckle up, here we go !

1) Choose Joy.
 I've recently found another blog. Meet Ashley.
Besides being a super duper crafter, she is a mother, clothing designer of "Lil blue boo", and a fabulous blogger. Ashley is currently undergoing treatments for cancer. After being diagnosed last October, she decided to add a new section to her blog, calling it "The Cancer Chronicles". In this section she blogs about her treatments, experiences, feelings, and choosing joy.
This week I found this video (link below). A soon as I watched it, it became one of my favorite moments of the week. Not because of what Ashley is going through of course but because after reading a lot of her blog she has changed my way of thinking, for the better.
Take a look at her blog, read only 1,10 or all of her blog posts, I swear, you will not be disappointed, she is a true inspiration for all, plus she is super funny and her posts are a riot to read.

2) Date night.
 The Mr. and I were able to have a dinner date OUT! Can I get a "woohoo"?
 This is of course a highlight of my week as we don't often get to dress up and go out for supper. Even though it was a business supper, it was still awesome to get out ! Movie maker (that's my brother's super hero blog name) was kind enough to watch C.A.P for us, another little act we truly appreciated of course.

3) Pay it forward.
Earlier this week I brought C.A.P to an indoor amusement park, after a few kiddo rides, we were ready to head home for a nap. Before we made it to the door, a couple of teenagers stopped us and handed me a small piece of paper. Before, I could say anything one of the teens said "Here you go, take these points we won at the arcade and get the little guy something at the prize counter", I was so surprised and quickly thanked them for their generous act. I told C.A.P about this unexpected surprise and off we went to the prize counter.
While in line at the counter,  I noticed the 2 sweet little girls ahead of us picking out their prizes, they were with what looked like their grandparents. Before leaving the counter I saw the man say something to the cashier while pointing to us. As we got to the counter, the cashier told us that the man had said to give the rest of his points to C.A.P.
Two very generous acts by two different people in one day ! They really made my day, and I'm sure C.A.P's as well, as he got 2 special prizes.
Yesterday, C.A.P and I went back to the same amusement park and gave our points away to another family. Hopefully they will continue the pay it forward act.

4) Friendly neighbours.
Alright, I'm cheating with this one. It didn't happen this week, it was more like a couple of weeks ago; however, it's too nice not to include.
Shortly after the move into our new home, we came home to a card and a bag full of chocolates on our door step. I opened the card to find that it was from our new neighbours, they wrote a small note welcoming us to the neighbourhood and that they were around if we needed anything. Small kind gestures like this always give me a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside. Thanks new rockin' neighbours ! :)

There you have it, another Friday's Fab Four Favorites.
Even though some days are harder than others, I always try to remind myself that appreciating the small things in life is what is important in my heart.

Happy Friday everyone - Thanks for dropping in !

Post ya Sunday 


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