Monday, 27 February 2012

Fabric me a new lamp shade

Alright, I know, I know, I didn't post Mr.'s Favorite meal of the week yesterday. But before you decide to call me names at me through your computer screen please here my explanation ! :)
I'm sure my Facebook friends are sick of hearing about it so I'll make it short. Here is a recap of the last few days of last week.

Basement flood.
New couch AND fridge were delivered damaged.
Cell phone broke.

Thank goodness I wrote that positive POST on Friday because it was a must to go back and read it a couple lots of times. But all in all, things COULD have been a lot worse, so, life goes on, wet basement and all !
I've already completely almost forgotten about it anyway, so let's move on !

As I was writing today's post, I thought maybe I should just rename my blog "Tales of the many lamp shades" because I feel like every second post lately have been about just that ! I do love new- ish lamp shades, so here is another for you guys.

All you need for this is one is :
A lamp shade
Fabric of choice
Glue gun
Many glue sticks (Many...I'm not kidding)
A few hours

Cut your material in little squares. I didn't measure them so they were not equal or perfectly straight but to give you an idea, my squares were about 4 X 4 (inches) give or take.
Warning : This project takes A LOT of material. I underestimated how much fabric I would actually be using, which meant I had to return to the local store 3 times. Yes, 3 times. A metre each visit. Phew.

 Bunch the fabric in the middle of your little cut out squares and apply glue to fabric. Immediately glue to shade. Continue this until shade is completely covered.

 This picture is to give you an idea of how much of a difference in size the material actually gives the shade.
PS - My shirt matches my wall. Neat.

This picture is to let you know that this is almost 1 metre of material. I warned you ! :)

 This project took a few more hours than had planned BUT it was totally worth it. I split the work up into a few days, and I'm so happy I committed and finished this project.
Does anyone else want to pet it ?
No? Just me ?

 Here it is in our living room.

 Here is a link to a couple other lamp shade DIY project of mine :
Hope you enjoyed this DIY, let me know how yours turns out !
Thanks for dropping in - Post ya Wednesday



  1. Love the effect! Plus it gives the room some extra texture, I'm thinking of doing a flower one for my daughter's room, but that really will take for.ever! Good luck with the basement and other things, at least your able to keep positive! Good for you.

  2. This is fantastic! I love it! And, yes, I do want to pet it...