Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I'm a guest !

Happy Wednesday !
Today's post will be a bit different as I will be redirecting you to another Mama's blog.

Meet Kim.
Kim is a Mommie "again". She is raising her 2 year old grandson, after the tragic passing of her own son, in 2010.
Her own personal/family blog is called "Mommie....Again". Here is a bit about Kim and her blog.

"My blog here is now about raising our little Brody while in my 50's and going through menopause...that's enough right there!! My husband is younger than I, so he really is trying to understand my aches and pains. I've been lucky enough to be able to stay at home with Brody. This IS the hardest job a women could have!!! While I'm home, I do have a couple of home based businesses and I'm involved in a few yahoo shopping groups. We do outside activities with Brody and he goes to pre-school (Mother's Day Out) twice a week. So, I'm busy!!!"

Yesterday, I was a guest blogger on Kim's second and newest blog page "Random Tips on Eating Healthy". Along with her personal/family blog she posts on this one almost daily.
Check out my guest blog post HERE.

Big Thanks goes out to Kim for having on her blog yesterday !
 I wish you nothing but luck, happiness and love on your journey with your precious grandson.

Thanks for stopping in today, come back Friday for an easy and fun DIY !

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  1. WOW...and you read my whole blog. Thank you for this nice post about me. Brody and I have a great time together...he keeps me laughing and he definitely keeps me young.