Monday, 6 February 2012

It starts with a box.

I love BIG windows, the natural light is my favorite part of our new home. However big windows usually means a big cost for custom shades, and frankly I'm not interested !

I'm currently in the process of giving every room in the house a makeover. I've  been busy doing a little bit every couple of days as most days C.A.P and I have activities planned, and really, what 2 year old wants to watch his mama paint and decorate all day long. Not mine !

Point is, I have a couple of rooms that have half moon shaped windows (proper term ? Probably not.). I looked into getting custom blinds for these and the price was a bit excessive, I thought, somehow I need figure out a way to cover these up myself, and for cheap! This is where the cardboard box came into the picture.

I (and by I, I really mean C.A.P's godfather) cut up an old cardboard box to cover up one of our windows. Here is the result.

It does the trick but it ain't so pretty.
However, with a little love it could be turned into my own custom made window covering for...CHEAP!
Did I get your attention yet ?
There, now your listening :)

I bought some white and blue material from our local fabric store for a total of 10 dollars (PS. I got enough fabric to make curtains too. Can you say Bonus. Thanks fabric sale.)

With a little help from some scissors to make the cardboard the perfect size and some 404 fabric adhesive to keep the fabric in place...

...We've got ourselves a new window covering !

It's easily removable too !
I'm so happy with the outcome. A window cover for 4 dollars, who doesn't like the sounds of that ?
Now to start the curtains - Stay tuned

Thanks for stopping in - Post ya Wednesday !


  1. Your DIY's are awesome! I don't think I would have ever thought of something like this! Way to go! I'm always a huge fan of frugal... :)