Monday, 3 September 2012

DIY Letter Art

Hi guys !
If you are a regular here you know I love simple.
In fact most projects posted on my blog are simple and most times pretty cheap. 
So why would I change my ways now right ?
With that being said...
Here is another one !

I recently made this Letter Art to bring to our family reunion.
It turned out better than I excepted and I am now on a mission to make another for my own family's house !

Here is what I used :

Piece of scrap wood which I cut into 7inches by 38 inches
9 4x6 frames from the Dollar store
2 colors of spray paint (shown below)
Wood Stain
Printed Letters from a fabulous flickr letter site

My 9 frames came in a black plastic but I decided to give them a coat of Khaki Colored paint to take away their black shine.
I also gave my wood base a couple of coats of Satin Colored paint then aged it with wood stain using THIS method.

After everything was nice and dry I glued my letter frames to my wood base using some handy Gorilla Glue.

Here is the final Result :

This sign is perfect for anywhere in the house. 
You can sit it on a shelf or add it to any wall using the proper hardware.

Hope you like it as much as I do !

Thanks for reading my blog.


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