Wednesday, 31 October 2012

DIY Wonder Women Costume

Happy Halloween guys !

Here is a fun, easy and really cheap way to make yourself...or your kiddo sweet little Wonder Woman costume.

This costume was inpired by THIS picture on Pinterest - I just love it so much I had to make my own ! 

Here is what I used :

Tutu :
9 meters of blue tulle
1 sheet of white felt
Blue ribbon (measured to fit your waist line)

Wonder Woman T :
Plain black Walmart t-shirt
1 sheet of red felt
1 sheet of yellow felt

Cape :
Old t-shirt
1 sheet of white felt

Added accessories  :
Red leggings
Dollarama yellow head piece (Shown below)
2 sheets of yellow foam (For wrist bands)
Self adhesive strips ( For wrist bands)
Glue Gun
Iron on glue tape

Total cost of costume :
19 dollars !

 Warning : Don't be overwhelmed with my pictures.

This is such a quick and easy costume to make for any dress up occasion !
I'll start with the cape.
 Parents : Remember this one for when your kiddos want to play dress up. 

Here we go :
Start with an old t-shirt you don't mind cutting up.

Cut the sleeves off at the hem as well as down both sides of the hem. 
Leaving it completely open on both sides.

Next step is cutting the whole front of the T off - leaving only the collar or the shirt. 
Don't forget to leave yourself a bit of fabric around the collar - this will be taken care of with your iron on glue tape. It will give the cape a more finished look.

Final step - use your iron on glue tape (Found in the sewing section of Walmart) to iron down the collar, sides and bottom of your cape. 

Here it is finished - I hot glued a white felt star to finish it's look.
As you can see the ends of the cape look smooth instead of just cut - this is from the iron on glue tape.

Next up : The little things
Here is a picture of the head piece I found for a buck.

 Finished head piece and wrist bands :
The head piece is the same as shown above. I simply cut it to my desired shape and a hot glued a red felt star to it.
The wrist bands were simple as pie.
Cut your yellow foam sheet to fit your wrists - add your cut out red felt stars and hot glue adhesive stripes to their end for easy wear.

Next in line : Shirt 

I drew, cut and glued the wonder woman symbol out of yellow and red felt right onto my plain black shirt.
Simple as that.

I have no pictures of the tutu making as I simply looked up "tutu making for dummies" and went from there, then added my own cut out white felt stars with the glue gun.

Here are the finished products !

The whole things took me just over an hour and a half to make - Great for last minute dress up parties !

Hope everyone enjoyed the quick tutorial - Have a safe and fun Halloween !



  1. I LOVE Wonder Woman so I was excited to come across your post! Found it on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. So excited I found this. I'm going to give it a try so I can look cute with my daughter trick or treating! Where did you find the red leggings and your head piece??

  3. I just found some red leggings at Wal-Mart (they have a little black on them and they are longer but I'm going to shorten them)! and the headpiece I got at Michael's in the kids craft section for cheap!! I'm doing this for "Super Hero Day" at work Tuesday! Just having a very hard time finding blue tulle!!

  4. Hi! I'm going to try this but I'm not experienced in making any kind of costume so bear with me lol... how did you do the wonder woman symbol? Can you explain it a little more please? I don't get how you did the red underneath?

  5. AND how did you get the white stars so perfect?!

  6. I made this last night and it came out great! Here are my suggestions...
    Buy an elastic band off the bolt to the size you need- >$1
    Blue Tulle- I used 4 spools of 25yds each (I'm a size 12). Cut 30in strips, fold in half the long way. Then loop onto the elastic. I alternated 1 layer then 2 layers of tulle folded in half the long way, so buy more/less if you want a fuller/thinner skirt. I secured the elastic with safety pins, still no-sew! - Spools regularly at $4 each, on sale for $2 each= $8
    No white stars for my skirt. This will make it more versatile for future use anyway.
    *This process alone took about 1.5 hours. Plan accordingly =)

    Ladies Black crew neck- $2
    Logo- Print a color logo off from the internet that is about as wide as a piece of paper (the short way). This will proportionally fit across your chest. Cut it out. Then trace outline onto Yellow Felt. Cut out the felt. Then put the paper logo under the cut out felt piece and trace the red pattern onto the felt with a red sharpie. You can faintly see the pattern though the yellow felt so tracing is A LOT easier than cutting out the outline in red felt as suggested above.- Felt= $0.25
    Hot glue felt logo onto shirt.

    Yellow visor from craft store, trimmed into a slightly pointed crown.- $1
    Cut out a star in Red Felt, hot glue onto crown- $0.25

    Yellow foam- I cut two 3.5in x 9in strips. Secure with double-sided mounting tape. They will be big enough to slide on/off your wrists. Cut out 2 more red felt stars, hot glue to wristbands.- Foam= $1, Mounting tape= $2.50

    Red leggings- I did not own a pair, so I bought some at Walmart for $8 and just folded up the long legs to about my knees.
    Cape- The last thing I rushed to do, and I messed it up, so I said forget it. Luckily my friend had a shiny red fabric that we trimmed to make a cape, sans a white star- Priceless =)

    Grand Total- $24
    Good luck!

  7. This is awesome! I'm planning on making a costume for myself for my son's superhero birthday party and this will be perfect! Thanks for posting it!